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A quick one

This evening, I was at my drug dealers house, eating pizza and watching the Lakers lose to the Cavaliers, and I observed five different people buy five different items. Each person bought precisely one item and the cost of each of the items was different.

From the clues given, can you determine the first and the last names of each person, the items purchased by each person and the cost of each of the items? If you can, then do; if you can't, then commit seppuku with a traditional japanese tantō, if you cannot obtain an appropriate tantō, then you may live, for now.

First Names: Ella, Diana, Dave, George, Francis
Last Names: Greenfield, Hasselhoff, Bloomerstein, Bush, Jacksonberg
Items: Coke, Meth, Crack, Heroin, Ecstasy
Item Costs : $9.50, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00, $19.00

1. Francis’ last name is not Jacksonberg.
2. The man who bought the ecstasy paid the highest price which is precisely twice that of the crack.
3. The heroin sold for $4.00 less than the ecstasy and was purchased by Hasselhoff.
4. Ms. Greenfield bought the meth for precisely two-thirds of what the coke cost.
5. The items bought by Bush and Dave were ecstasy and coke (not necessarily in this order).
6. Ms. Greenfield offered to suck my wang for more drug money. I declined, because I only had enough money for my own drugs.
7. George paid $18.00 for his item.
8. None of Francis, Diana and Hasselhoff paid more than $15.00 for their items
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Francis Bloomerstein bought Crack for $9.50.
George Bush bought Coke for $18.00.
Diana Greenfield bouught Meth for $12.00.
Dave Jacksonberg bought Ecstasy for $19.00.
Ella Hasslehoff bought Heroin for $15.00.

I think.